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The Kokiro stove base improves your safety while cooking. The sheet prevents the stove from melting down into the snow, while reducing the risk of grass fire in the summer.

Metal wires and elastic cords or a strap secures both the stove and the fuel bottle, and leaves it more stable when using big kettles. Made of metal, the sheet will neither burn nor melt, contrary to wood or plastics.

Our Kokiro stove base has been thoroughly tested to withstand the hostile Norwegian mountain winter. Most modern expedition stoves will fit, including MSR XGK EX, Optimus Nova, Kovea Booster and Primus Omnifuel (the latter is the one pictured, but Kokiro doesn’t include stove or fuel bottle).

 In the package: Base plate, elastic cords or strap and three metal wires.

Base material: Aluminium

Weight: ∼ 110 grams

Free shipping within Norway and to Svalbard.